Foster Care

“As a foster parent, I understand that we need structural changes to the Foster Care system. Changes which could lead to a rise in licensed foster homes while ensuring mental health and social services are provided to the youth in the system.”

Youth Programs

“The commission plays a significant role with CCSD, the Foster Care program, and the Juvenile Justice System. On the commission my first priority is to our youths future.”

Recreation Enhancements

“We can protect the environment, provide safe parks and outdoor recreation areas while relieving road congestion and clean our streets.”

Veterans’ Issues

“As a combat veteran, I believe Veterans care needs to be a priority on every level of government. On the commission we need to establish a veterans department to help consolidate programs in Clark County while filling in for those services that are lacking or missing.”

Renewable Energy

“Let’s ensure that Clark County transitions into enhanced programs for solar and geothermal energy development. We need an energy driven approach to planning if we plan to keep pace with technological developed cities.”


“It is past time for Clark County to enact a plan for light rail and energy efficient modes of transportation.”

Water Innovation

“We live in a desert. I am committed to looking into innovations that we are not exploring to ensure that we have water for future generations.”

Black Community

“In 2019 low graduation rates, housing opportunities, and police brutality are still plaguing my community. We need a commission that demands transparency when addressing these and other racial issues.”

Hispanic Community

“Nearly a third of Clark County has a Hispanic or Latino origin. Ensuring educational and socioeconomic prosperity improves the lives of everyone.”